Reduce Your Homesickness on Business Trips

Reduce Your Homesickness on Business Trips

Do you often travel for business? Business travels can have many positive points in many people’s point of view, which may include the chance to meet many new people and visit exciting cities. However, traveling frequently as a part of your job could be exhausting, tiring and uncomfortable.

Many businessmen look for better alternatives to lessen the boredom and the inconvenience. Aside from a luxury comfy home or apartment which can upgrade your inconvenience to a great extent, there are other ways to make your residence more feel like your home.

Unpack and Relax

Most travel businessmen get tired of the “life out of a suitcase” experience. To avoid the transient feeling of business travel when your arrive at your apartment, take a few minutes and unpack your suitcase and organize your stuff as if you are home. You can find plenty of hangers in your space (instead of the four hanger limit normally provided by hotels) to keep your clothing wrinkle free and ready to wear. You do not need to worry about ironing or incurring the expense of dry cleaning.

Cook Your Own Meals


Cooking your own meals reduces your stress. A clean bright fully equipped kitchen in your business travels is what you need. If you take regular business trips, not only the hotel rooms but also the restaurant or take out food gets tiresome. After a long day of work, the regular business traveler may crave home made food in the comfort of his or her own kitchen.

If you are staying longer than expected, find the best places for shopping. You can enjoy shopping in farmers market or local groceries to buy fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and other grocery items. Doing so would also give you a taste of the city and adds to your travel experiences. You can enjoy the fresh farm-to-table groceries to cook your own healthy nutritious meals.

Having said that cooking every evening on business travels may not be possible, for extended visits, cooking some of your meals can provide you a sense of normalcy of routine, helping you reduce stress and homesickness. Love a cup of coffee or tea? Forget the small two-cup pot in hotel rooms and enjoy brewing a full pot in a fully equipped kitchen.

Enjoy Listening to Music

Almost all business travellers carry music with them, either on cell phone or private mp3 player. Queue up your favorite playlist like you would at home. You can enjoy the Bluetooth enabled speakers listening to your music in the comfort of your luxury apartment after workday routine.

A call from home can reduce your homesickness. If you miss your family or beloved ones, set your screensaver on your tablet or your laptop to share a gallery of your photography, so that you feel a little less far from home. Sharing videos from your after-hour tours and travel with your family and friends when you get home is such a good idea. Make sure to get out for at least an hour every day and explore the city.

Sleep Soundly


When far away from home, the quality comfort of your bed would count a lot. In our luxury comfortable apartments, we provide you with the most superior beds and mattresses on which you can sleep soundly.

Work Out Timely

Exercise would also increase your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step every day. But exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Which has direct relation with your life quality while on business trip.

In Dunowen properties our corporate apartments are part of a condo building. So you get to enjoy the benefits of fitness rooms, pool and sauna.

Dunowen Properties options provide you the comfort of your home and soars the efficiency of your business travel, while reducing your homesickness. We invest on our customer’s long-term relationship in the comfort of our apartment.

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