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Vancouver’s 1% Vacancy Tax Begins in 2017

Vancouver is growing very quickly. People are attracted to its mild climate, natural beauty, and multi-culturalism. With all the new people arriving and buying properties, it can be difficult to find a suitable place to rent. In an effort to make housing more available and affordable for the many renters, this year Vancouver City Hall […]

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The top 5 most rentable neighbourhoods in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is remarkable for many reasons, especially its geography. Bordered on three sides by water and park land, the downtown core is one of the highest density neighbourhoods in the world. In terms of real estate, this area represents a compelling opportunity for home-owners and investors alike. The range of housing stock varies, from […]

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The City of Vancouver’s Crackdown on Illegal Short-Term Rentals

The city of Vancouver has recently been in the media regarding cracking down on short-term rentals (i.e. residential rentals for periods under 30 days), such as those found on the popular website Airbnb. Counter-ads have been spotted in places such as Canadaline skytrain stations, suggesting that Airbnb helps Vancouverites to make ends meet while providing […]

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Reduce Your Homesickness on Business Trips

Do you often travel for business? Business travels can have many positive points in many people’s point of view, which may include the chance to meet many new people and visit exciting cities. However, traveling frequently as a part of your job could be exhausting, tiring and uncomfortable. Many businessmen look for better alternatives to […]

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Why Do Business Travelers and Consultants Prefer Dunowen Properties?

Dunowen provides you with the best in the market corporate and serviced apartments. It is a well-oiled machine that makes your business travel easy, efficient and compliant—so you stay in control of the business process and know where you are every step of the way. We cannot just provide you the basics but also respond […]

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