Accommodation the First Concern of an Immigrant

Accommodation the First Concern of an Immigrant

When you land as an immigrant and as a new resident of the area, there is a lot to take care of. First, you may need to figure out your basic needs such as: accommodation, vehicle, job, and so forth. You need some time to sort out your life and get a grasp of what is going around you, to find a job and decide about the proper area for you and your family to live in. Even if you have friends or family here, you may need to hold on to your privacy to keep up your life pace and competence. Meanwhile, living in a comfortable location with a nice view and easy access to all amenities for a short time can provide you with peace of mind.

Dunowen Properties can provide you and your family with the best and the most proper accommodation. You can enjoy our luxury rentals located at a walking distance from the heart of downtown Vancouver with beautiful view of the ocean or the ones at West Vancouver located at a walking distance from the ocean. Your options with us are cut based on your budget. And we can provide you with the map of the area and the needed information to access amenities and offices to follow up on your immigration process.

Our properties benefit consistent maintenance and upkeep. And our trained professional customer service team will provide you not just the basics but respond to especial requests, which may include specific appliances for the kitchen, even a baby carriage or a crib. We would also provide you with weekly cleaning services.

We have been in the business since 1989 with %80 return clientele base and have accommodated companies in the movie industry and many business companies along with family based clients. Dunowen Properties Ltd. is licensed and bonded by the BC Provincial Government.

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